Square Frame Bracelet

Dhs. 3,700.00

Round Frame Bracelet

Dhs. 4,940.00

Rainbow Gem Bracelet

From Dhs. 3,950.00

Double Diamond Star Cuff

Dhs. 7,910.00

Diamond Halo Star Cuff

Dhs. 7,100.00

Diamond Everyday Essentials Cuff

Dhs. 8,900.00

Nazar Beads Bracelets

Dhs. 1,970.00

Mini Diamond Disc Bracelet

Dhs. 7,910.00

Infinity Diamond Double Bracelet

Dhs. 0.00

Infinity Diamond Bracelet

Dhs. 4,200.00

Infinity Diamond Bangle

Dhs. 5,600.00

Baroque Cuff

Dhs. 4,400.00

Initial Cuff

From Dhs. 4,940.00

Price on Request

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