Woman Of The Month: Jean Winter

Woman Of The Month: Jean Winter

Meet our gorgeous inspirational woman of November - Jean Winter. A bosslady, angel investor, business & food consultant and CEO of Inclusive Talent Agency Representing Diversity. Here's what Jean had to share with us -



1. Tell us about your amazing journey! How did you get into your industry?

I own a few businesses across different industries and am an angel investor to startups and businesses I believe in. 

Every business has a different story behind how it started but the end goal of all businesses are the same... To positively impact the community in one way or another!

2. Tell us about your different businesses? Is there one, in particular, that is closest to your heart?

I own a consultancy firm where clients include government agencies around the world. My other businesses include an events company, catering business and several other F&B related businesses in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

The business I am most excited about is a new one called Touch. Touch is a global inclusive talent agency championing equal representation for our talents. We use our platform to shift societal paradigms to be truly inclusive not just in words but also in actions. Our talent pool covers celebrities in multiple industries, people with determination, refugees and any change makers with a story to share!


3. How do you manage your daily routine, a family and prioritize tasks when running multiple businesses?

A day in the life of Jean looks like... playing wife and mum! From arranging daily schedules and meal plans for the husband, daughters and fur babies to running off for offsite meetings. I normally try to find an hour a day to myself to go to the gym or just to wind down. My weekends are kept sacred for family... I was brought up that way and I hope to keep that tradition. 

The few months leading up to the end of a year are usually the busiest because of World Expo. Being one of the key consultants for the Singapore Pavilion means heading over to check on the team every evening after other work meetings end and so my days end really late. It also means going home to check in on my daughters and planting a goodnight kiss, every night once they're fast asleep... So I try to be at home for when they come back from school, for half an hour to an hour, just for a quick catch up before I leave again. 

4. What would you say are the main challenges you face in the industry regularly? How do you overcome them?

I am a small Asian woman in a male-dominated industry. Being one of the few female leaders in the industry was an interesting but fulfilling journey.

It's important to learn to say NO; learn to stand with unwavering faith in your beliefs, learn that honesty and integrity is your best testimony and that kindness can be applied to any & every business.  


5. What advice would you give to men or women who are struggling to find balance between their home & work life?

Prioritize what is important to you. Always find time for your family, friends and self-care (be it exercise or alone time). A successful career is meaningless if you do not have the things that truly matter in life behind you.


6. Which are your all-time favorite Vik Jet Fine Jewelry pieces and which is the most special to you and why?

My rose gold initial cuff bracelet because I truly love it. And my gold and diamond starfish ring which I wear everyday. 


7. Which piece from the FW21 collection are you currently loving the most?

The Black Gold Ivy Diamond earrings and Constellation Disc earrings. 


See more from Jean: @touchdubai @jeanwinterconsultancy


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