Woman Of The Month: Dina

Woman Of The Month: Dina

This month we are proud to introduce you to Dina Abdulhadi Daryani, wellness goddess & founder of Home of Wellness. Let’s talk to her more about her spirituality & the healing practices she offers at her warm & welcoming center.


1. When did your personal growth journey / spirituality practises begin?

My spiritual journey started 14 years ago (2008) after a close friend of mine passed away and I started questioning different aspects of life and looking for answers. I started with hypnotherapy courses and then moved to theta healing. I have studied more than ten modalities after that.

 2. At what point did you decide to turn it into a business and was it a smooth process?

In 2017, a few years after delivering my son, I decided that if I am to work and leave my three kids, it has to be for something really worth it. I closed my business in fashion and started exploring. I wanted to do something fulfilling that helped others.

The process was not smooth at all. I don’t think it’s ever easy to start your own business. I initially started work at my husband’s office and then I decided to expand to a villa right before Covid and the lockdown happened. The last two years have been very challenging, to say the least, but finally since this past December,   things have been smoother.

3. What advice would you give your younger self?

To always be myself and trust my instincts. To do what I believe in and not worry too much about what people think.


4. What are your biggest achievements emotionally and professionally? 

Emotionally: to be able to accept and overcome things quickly and to believe in myself. 

Professionally: I’m very happy that I was able to achieve my dream to do what I love by creating a Wellness center where we guide and support people to feel better.

 5. How does what you do impact your family life? Has your parenting style changed?

I practice all the knowledge and healings I learn on my kids and I’m so happy that many of my extended family members have been coming for sessions at the center. My parenting style changed as I stress and worry less about issues and I guide my kids differently. 

 6. How do you stay motivated to show up every day and have the confidence to inspire others?

I absolutely love what I do and I’m so passionate about it. My confidence comes from the feeling that I’m guided in the work I do.

7. How do you protect yourself & your energy when working with others all the time?

I feel that with time I learnt how to be empathetic without taking people’s energy (except my family’s). This does not work all the time though. I wear certain stones and recite certain mantras to protect myself. I spray aromatherapy perfumes to clean the energy and I also meditate and do healing to maintain high energy.

8. What are your favorite gemstones & why do you wear them?

I love purple and green amethyst for their protective and soothing qualities and they enhance your energy. I also love lapis lazuli as it aids with self expression and pyrite that assists with strengthening mental abilities and attracts positive energy. 

9. What are your current favorite pieces at Vik Jet Fine Jewelry?

One of my favorite pieces was/is the disc diamond earrings my hubby gifted me for our ten year anniversary. Another all time favorite is my solitaire wedding ring. They both are stunning pieces but more importantly I have an emotional connection to them.


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