Three Tips To Store Your Jewelry Safely

Three Tips To Store Your Jewelry Safely

Jewelry is one of the most personal items you can wear, with each piece bringing back a memory, a moment or a feeling. That is why it's so important to store your favourite pieces safely. We are often asked about what the best way to store your jewelry at home is and so we have put together a little guide with our top tips to help you keep those beautiful pieces sparkling and shining!

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1. Keep the area free of moisture

Moisture can be the biggest challenge for jewelry, causing your pieces to tarnish over time. So it's best to keep the area you are storing your pieces moisture-free. One of our favourite tips is to repurpose silica gel packages inside the drawers with your jewerly. 

2. Avoid contact

It's best to separate your pieces so that they are not touching each other to avoid damage. Some stones are capable of scratching other stones and metals. 

3. Use Cloth Pouches

We highly reccomend storing your fine jewerly in soft lined boxes or cloth pouches to avoid damage. 

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Of course, if you would rather keep your fine jewelry out of your home, we find that 818 Vaults offers the best service for jewelry storage while aiding with insurance, security and more.

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