How To Style Colorful Jewelry

How To Style Colorful Jewelry

Regardless of your personal style, if there is one thing all women love, it's jewelry. At Vik Jet Fine Jewelry, we are constantly looking to create pieces that you can wear every day that are trendy yet timeless. Colorful jewelry may seem like a fleeting trend, but we think it's here to stay, especially when you can work it into your wardrobe. If this is an area that seems intimidating, then look no further than our three tips on how to style colourful jewelry. 


One of the coolest ways to style colorful jewelry is to create a colour palette. If you're opting for mainly neutrals in your outfit, your jewelry can be in any range of colours you like. We love to pair together cool colours like greens and blues. They work particularly well with denim and white for the warmer months. 

Lapis Lazuli Necklaces

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Are you confident with colours? Then you will be no stranger to the idea of colour blocking. Wearing a statement colour like red? Then go for blue with your jewelry! The concept is to look for colors opposite the colour wheel and pair them together to create something that is statement-making and appealing to the eye.


Featured here our Signature Modern Uncut Diamond Pendant, Our Lapis & Diamond Star Pendant and our Malachite Torus Necklace.


If colour isn't your go-to, but you're ready to get a little taste of the rainbow, then adding a simple little pop amongst your favourite gold and diamond pieces is the best way to start. The best way to do this is with a small but subtle touch like earrings or rings. Opt for a colourful rainbow ring or our matchstick rings. 

Featured here our Emerald & Diamond Matchstick Ring and our Ruby & Diamond Matchstick Ring

How will you be adding color to your jewelry collection this year? 



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