April Birthstone: Diamonds

April Birthstone: Diamonds

Diamonds are every April babies best friend being the official birthstone for the month. A symbol of commitment and everlasting love, Diamonds are one of the most sought after gemstones in the world. If you are born in April, diamonds claim to bring the wearer inner strength and better relationships. With a rich history, Diamonds were first discovered in 400 B.C in India, with some believing that they were the tears of a God.

Uncut Diamond Pendants

Today, no jewelry collection is complete without a Diamond. We at VikJet don't believe diamonds are for special occasions but rather that every day is a diamond day. We love to create diamond pieces that are stylish and easy to wear no matter where you are going. Some of our favourites are our Signature Uncut Diamond Pendants. What's currently trending? Our Pebble necklaces are the perfect pop of colour for your summer outfit but are selling out quick! Another favourite is our Gold Chain With Uncut Diamond Pendant - a piece you won't be taking off any time soon. Trust us!

Uncut Diamond Earrings with Ruby Halo
Featured here our Heiress Baguette Diamond Choker and our Double Diamond Star Cuff

Are you an April baby? Looking to treat yourself to something special for your special day? See our Diamond selection here.


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